GIB Stopping & Installation

GIB Installation & Stopping Geraldine

GIB Installation & Stopping Geraldine

At Geraldine Plastering & Painting Ltd plasterboard is what we know & do. Incorrect plasterboard installation & stopping not only looks terrible, but can become costly to repair. Our installers aren’t Carpenters or Builders who install plasterboard a small percentage of the time, nor are they stoppers (GIB Stoppers) who only stop, We are experienced Wall & Ceiling Fixers who live & breathe plasterboard.

What are Wall & Ceiling Fixers?

Wall & Ceiling Fixers specialise in Interior Walls, Ceilings & Plasterboard. All they deal with are Plasterboard Systems, Fibrous Plaster, Ceilings, Cornice & Stopping. Things like;

  • Plasterboard & Fibrous Plaster (also known as Plaster Glass) products.
  • Grid & Suspended ceiling systems.
  • Timber & Metal stud wall systems.
  • Cornices & Decorative Ceilings.
  • Drywall Systems.
  • Wall & Ceiling Insulation.

They understand the effects small things missed during installation can have on the overall look, quality & longevity of your project.

Why use a Professional?

We often receive calls from people who’ve attempted their own plasterboard installation & stopping themselves. They tell us they’ve watched a video on Youtube or a mate of theirs did their house & told me what to do, but now we have some problems. Such as;

  • “I’ve got cracks appearing around all the windows & doors & in the ceiling.”
  • “The cornices are cracking & falling off.”
  • “I’ve got sheets that are coming away from the wall.”
  • “I’ve painted everything & I can see all my joins.”
  • “I’ve stopped the joins & now tape is coming away from the wall”

In the short term things may look fine, but as the weeks, months & years go on the problems start to appear. Not only does it cost to fix the issue correctly, but there’s all the other costs involved such as carpenters, electricians, carpet layers & painters just to name a few. Is it worth risking all that hard earned money only to have to do it all over again? Or will you look at it for years to come, thinking if only I’d hired an experienced professional?